viernes, 20 de marzo de 2015

A Masonic Grand Lodge

A Masonic Grand Lodge
 (also "Grand Orient") is the governing body that supervises and governs the individual "Lodges" of Freemasons in any particular geographical area or "jurisdiction", (usually corresponding to a national boundary or other major political unit). Some are large, with thousands of members divided into hundreds of subordinate Lodges. Others are tiny, with only a few members in one or two subordinate Lodges. Sometimes there will be only one Grand Lodge in a given area. 

More often, however, there will be several competing Grand Lodges claiming the same jurisdictional area, or claiming overlapping areas. This fact leads to debates over legitimacy: Not all Grand Lodges and Grand Orients recognize each other as being legitimate. However, such recognition is not relevant to this list. Inclusion criteria only establish a physical (as against an internet) presence, and lodges which meet as masons.

Membership numbers are subject to change. For current figures, please check the sources which are indicated in the reference section.

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